Upgrading Sublime Text

Upgrade your Sublime Text with the below steps Environment Details OS Ubuntu-20.04 From the Sublime official website, download the 64-bit tarball wget https://download.sublimetext.com/sublime_text_build_4113_x64.tar.xz You can point... »

My Resume Hosted

Curriculum Vitae Deepak Gupta Email: [email protected] About.me: about.me/hellodk Blog: hellodk.io Github: github.com/hellodk LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/hellodk Docker Hub: hub.docker.com/r/hellodk Work Experience: Vice President(DevSecOps), HDFC Bank, Bengaluru December 2021... »

The Road to Kingdom

Found somewhere on the media and definitely worth a read.... There was a road to a kingdom, it had a big piece of rock in the... »