Upgrading Sublime Text

Upgrade your Sublime Text with the below steps

Environment Details

OS Ubuntu-20.04
From the Sublime official website, download the 64-bit tarball
wget https://download.sublimetext.com/sublime_text_build_4113_x64.tar.xz

You can point the URL to the latest available Sublime Text package.

Backup your existing Sublime Installation
sudo cp -r /opt/sublime_text/ /opt/sublime_text_backup
Copy the newly downloaded Sublime files
sudo cp -r ~/Downloads/sublime_text_build_4113_x64/sublime_text /opt/
Remove the downloaded files
rm -rf ~/Downloads/sublime_text_build_4113_x64 ~/Downloads/sublime_text_build_4113_x64.tar.xz
Remove the backup after a few days
sudo rm -rf /opt/sublime_text_backup

And we’re done - Enjoy the new upgrade!!